Tavis Capital offers subordinated secured loans (second mortgages) for the financing of real estate and real estate projects with a focus on the Swiss commercial sector.

While there is an oversupply of mortgages from various providers for residential real estate, in the commercial sector only the banks offer financing. Due to regulatory requirements, the financing level is usually limited to 50% LTV (loan to value), and this with conservative valuations.


Financing purposes

Our credit offering is available for the following financing purposes:

  • Focus: Financing of commercial properties and approved projects, including conversions, in the commercial, industrial, and logistics sectors
  • Leverage: 10 – 20% increase in debt financing ratio by a second mortgage.
  • Exclusion: Owner-occupied homes, green and brownfield projects, land financing


Swiss companies, real estate in Switzerland
All sectors with a focus on commercial real estate
Secured, 10 - 20% LTV
Positive Due Diligence

We grant loans to borrowers domiciled in Switzerland to finance real estate in Switzerland. We focus on the commercial, industrial, and logistics sectors. Our loans are subordinated, secured by a promissory note, and typically cover an LTV of 10 - 20%, with the total LTV in the 70% range. A prerequisite for granting a loan is a positive due diligence, which also includes compliance with our ESG criteria.

Credit frame

Loans of CHF 1 - 30 Mio.
Duration 1 - 8 years
Secured in the form of promissory notes

The loan amount is in the range of CHF 1 - 30 Mio. and the term between 1 - 8 years. The loans are structured like a second mortgage, i.e. they are secured by a promissory note. We offer interest rates adapted to the project.

Credit process

Credit applications undergo a four-stage process. During the pre-selection, we check whether the credit fulfills the investment restrictions. If this is the case, an in-depth analysis of the project and the definition of the credit terms follow. The investment committee approves the case, whereupon the loan agreement can be concluded.

Advantages for real estate developers

Higher return on equity
Equity available for further projects

The subordinated loans of Tavis Capital increase the return on equity of the investment. In addition, the equity thus released can be used for further projects or investments. Interest rates can be flexibly adjusted to the project.

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