Tavis Capital offers subordinated loans for the financing of growth, innovation, and succession planning.

Due to the regulations in the banking sector, Swiss credit institutes can accept very limited credit risks only. The resulting financing gap is being covered by Tavis Capital's loan offering.

Financing purposes

Our credit offering is available for the following financing purposes:

  • Growth: Financing of new facilities, locations, and the development of new markets
  • Innovation: Financing of business and product development
  • Succession: Financing of succession planning and acquisitions


Swiss enterprises
All sectors
CHF 1 - 200 Mio. turnover

In order to be considered for a loan, companies have to be headquartered in Switzerland and typically generate a turnover of CHF 1-200 Mio. We consider all industries. Prerequisite for granting a loan is a positive due diligence which also includes compliance with our ESG-criteria.

Credit frame

Amount: CHF 0.5 - 15 Mio.
Duration: 1 - 8 years
Flexible interest payments

The credit range lies between CHF 0.5 - 15 Mio., and the term between 1 - 8 years. We offer the company tailor-made interest modalities. The interest rate depends on the respective risk profile of the loan. An early repayment of the loan is possible after the first year already.

Credit process

Loan applications go through a four-step process. During the pre-selection, we check whether all investment restrictions are met. If this is the case, an in-depth analysis of the company follows, and the credit range is determined. The investment committee has to approve the case, whereupon the loan agreement can be concluded.

Advantages of subordinated loans for entrepreneurs

Property protection
Strengthening of the balance sheet

Debt financing offers protection of ownership as there is no change in the equity structure of the company (no dilution) and we do not claim a seat on the board of directors. The subordination of the loans strengthens the balance sheet as the senior lenders look at it as equity. The financing conditions can be flexibly adapted to match the company's needs. A credit solution also eliminates the exit problem of equity investments (tag & drag along for private equity financing).

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